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Inground Winter Pool Covers and Accessories

When winter weather sets in, your pool is subjected to damage from rain, snow, debris and even sun. With an inground winter pool cover from Doheny’s, you can protect your valuable investment. Whether you need a solid cover, a leaf net, or a mesh cover, we carry a range of sizes to fit any inground pool.

Leaf Net Covers

A leaf net cover is a simple solution for keeping debris out of your inground pool, helping to prevent staining and save you the time consuming task of scooping leaves and sticks by hand.

Doheny’s Deluxe Leaf Net for 18x36 ft Rectangular Pools

The Deluxe Leaf Net from Doheny’s is a durable, lightweight and easy to install answer to keeping leaves out of your pool or off of your solid cover during the winter months. When you are ready to remove the leaf net, just fold it up and drag it away to dump all of the leaves and debris away from your swimming pool, leaving you with no mess. Doheny’s Deluxe Leaf Net is woven from super durable material and has a reinforced binding for extra strength. Backed by a two year warranty and available for rectangular pools from 12’x24’ to 30’x60’.

Mesh Winter Covers

Choose a mesh winter cover for your inground pool if you are looking to minimize the amount of debris that enters the water while allowing rain and melting snow to pass through the cover, eliminating the need to pump water off of the top.

Hi-Tech Micro Mesh Winter Cover for 16x24 ft Rectangular Pools

The Hi-Tech Micro Mesh Winter Cover is the strongest mesh winter cover on the market. Designed from super fine, ultra durable mesh and coated with a reflective silver compound, this cover will catch debris and quickly melt snow and ice. The Hi-Tech Micro Mesh Winter Cover helps to reduce pool chemical consumption and save money on water. The cover is backed by an 8 year warranty and is available for rectangular pools from 12’x20’ to 30’x50’.

Solid Winter Covers

For the ultimate protection during winter months, a high quality solid winter cover will go a long way to keeping debris out and reducing UV damage.

Doheny’s Pro-Tek Winter Cover for 12x20 ft Rectangular Pools

The Pro-Tek Winter Cover from Doheny’s is uniquely designed to be 30% lighter, yet 50% stronger than standard winter covers. This durable, tear resistant cover has a protective polymer coating to eliminate staining through many winter seasons. The dark colored underside blocks sunlight, protecting your pool surface and stopping algae growth. When you remove the cover in the spring, prepping your pool for swim season will be a snap! The Pro-Tek Winter Cover is backed by an amazing 20 year warranty and can be purchased with or without bags.

Maintaining your inground pool during the winter months has never been easier with a winter pool cover from Doheny’s. To make the process even simpler, check out our selection of convenient inground winter pool cover accessories and winter cover pumps. If you aren’t sure which type of winter cover is best for your pool, please contact our pool experts today at 800-574-7665 or visit our website at