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Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps

What type of pool heater do you need?

The first thing to consider when choosing a pool heater is the power source. There are a few different types of pool heaters to choose from including: gas heaters, which get their power from natural gas or propane; electric heaters and heat pumps which run off of electricity; and solar heaters which use energy from the sun to heat the pool. Each type of heater has its pros and cons. Watch this video when considering on buying a pool heater.

Gas Pool Heaters

Gas pool heaters are the most popular option because they are the fastest type of pool heater. Gas heaters can add 1 - 3 degrees F per hour to the water temperature. They are also preferred in colder environments, as gas heaters are able to raise water temperatures year round, even when air temperatures are significantly colder. Gas heaters are considered the best option for large pools in colder climates.

In order to install a gas pool heater, a natural gas line or propane tank is required. While natural gas is relatively inexpensive, propane gas is pricier, and you will need to have it delivered regularly. These types of pool heaters are not as eco-friendly as electric pool heaters, but they do cost less to operate. New models are increasingly environmentally friendly. Look for the low NOx emissions label for a more energy efficient model.

Electric Pool Heaters

Electric pool heaters are only recommended for very small pools and hot tubs, as they heat the pool water much more slowly (1 - 3 degrees F per day). They are great for small spaces, as the units themselves are usually much smaller than gas heaters. While they are inexpensive to purchase, electric heaters have high operating costs, and do not work well in cold temperatures.

In electric pool heaters, a resistor element is immersed in a heating chamber, where it heats the water as it passes through. They require a 240 V outlet that is located close to the pool area, and may even require some changes to your electrical panel.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps also run off of electricity and require a 240 V outlet, but they work in a different way, extracting heat from the surrounding air and employing an evaporator, compressor, and condenser to heat the water.

Other than solar heaters, heat pumps are widely considered the most eco-friendly option in pool heaters, as they require very little electricity to run day-to-day. Units are quiet, small, and very energy efficient. They are, however, more expensive to purchase up front and do not work as well if the outside air temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Solar Pool Heaters

Finally, solar pool heaters are of course the greenest option available, using only the sun’s energy to warm the pool water. A solar heater uses solar panels to collect the heat from the sun. The heat is stored in solar collectors, then water is pumped from the pool into the collectors, where it is heated and returned to the pool.

Solar heaters take much longer to raise the pool temperature than other types of pool heaters. The downside of solar panels is that they cannot work at night and they are much less effective on cloudy and cold days. The solar panels require a large amount of space and should be professionally installed.

While solar heaters can be expensive to install, they are extremely durable, having a lifespan of twenty years or more, and they cost nothing to run.

Pool Heaters


Have you ever wanted to start the swimming season early or wanted to extend it a little later? Unfortunately, the water is too cold and you don’t want to feel like you're doing the Polar Plunge. Pool heaters are a perfect way to keep the water in your pool at a comfortable temperature.

Doheny’s Pool Supplies FAST offers a wide selection of the best pool heaters. Our inventory includes models that require very little maintenance and are highly rated for energy efficiency, so you can save money on those electricity bills right away. We offer several options for pool heaters and pool heat pumps from the leading pool supply manufacturers.

Swimming pool heaters are available in three categories — propane and natural gas heaters, heat pumps, and solar heaters and collectors for above ground or in-ground pools.

Above Ground Pool Heaters


Pentair MasterTemp Heater 125,000 BTU

  • - Available in propane or natural gas option
  • - Ideal for smaller applications, including above ground pools, spas and inground pools up to 15,000 gallons
  • - Advanced operating features
  • - Energy savings — 82% thermal efficiency
  • - Ultra-fast heat up
  • - Enclosure is corrosion- and UV- resistant
  • - 125,000 BTU rating — Ideal for up to 15,000 gallons
  • - Comes with plug-in 110V cord that can be converted to 240V
  • - ¾" gas line up to 50 ft. from source
  • - 1-1/2" plumbing
  • - Compact: L31.5" x W21" x H23"
  • - Lightweight: 80 lb
  • - FREE freight shipping
  • Product Brochure


AquaPro Heat Pump

  • - Available in 50K BTU, 85K BTU, 112K BTU, 127K BTU, or 141K BTU
  • - Save BIG on Operating Costs!
  • - 100% commercial-grade titanium heat exchanger
  • - Virtually silent performance
  • - Perfect for HOT climates
  • - 5 year limited warranty with no chemical exclusions
  • - 2 year parts warranty
  • - UV- and corrosion-resistant housing
  • - Reliable PVC fittings for ease of installation

For Technical support on this item please contact AQUAPRO at 1-877-278-2797


Doheny's Small Solar Dome Solar Heating

  • - Environmentally friendly
  • - Increase pool temperature by 5 degrees
  • - Easy to install
  • - Unbeatable price-performance ratio
  • - Multiple heaters can be connected in series to increase heating efficiency
  • - No electric or gas connections
  • - Adapter for INTEX soft-sided pools included
  • - Includes protective cover to stop heat transfer
  • - 1 year limited warranty
  • SolarPro Solar Heater Manual

In-Ground Pool Heaters


Raypak Electronic Digital Control Natural Gas

206A 199,500
266A 266,000
336A 332,500
406A 399,000

  • - Digital/microprocessor-controlled thermostat
  • - Self-diagnosis troubleshooting capacity
  • - Can be connected to most pool remote control systems
  • - Displays a run time and cycle meter
  • - Flame strength indicator
  • - On board voltmeter
  • - Condensation-free operation
  • - Rust-free waterways
  • - Wind resistant design with textured powdered coated cabinet
  • - 2 in. water connections to make installation secure and effortless
  • Product Brochure


Hayward HeatPro Heat Pump

  • - Available in 95K BTU, 110K BTU, 125K BTU, or 140K BTU
  • - Operating costs up to 80% lower than natural gas heaters
  • - Titanium heat exchanger
  • - Industry's only ultra-gold corrosion resistant evaporator fin to stand tough in even coastal environments
  • - Compact footprint
  • - Acoustic compressor cover
  • - Easy to use dual electronic thermostat
  • - Profiled fan blades for quiet, efficient operation
  • HeatPro Brochure
  • HeatPro Installation
  • HeatPro Manual
  • HeatPro Owners Manual


Doheny's In-Ground Pool Solar Heating System

  • - Environmentally friendly
  • - Increase pool temp by 10 - 15 degrees
  • - 5 year warranty
  • - Heats pool water fast
  • - Uses existing pool pump
  • - Energy-efficient pool heating
  • - Easy DIY installation

Pool Size BTU
Up to 15' x 30' pool 2 collectors 160,000
Up to 16' x 36' pool 3 collectors 240,000
Up to 20' x 40' pool 4 collectors 320,000