Hayward Aquanaut Suction Pool Cleaner, 400

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AquaNautís 200 & 400 suction pool cleaners are designed with unique patented technologies to deliver a thorough and reliable clean for pools of different shapes, sizes, flow rates and debris types. Available in two or four wheel drive models, AquaNaut features patented self-adjusting variable vanes known as V-Flexô technology. Because the variable vanes automatically adjust to allow for large debris to pass through the cleaner, V-Flex technology delivers maximum power even at lower flow and provides the peace of mind of clog-free cleaning.

Handles large debris without clogging!
The patented self-adjusting variable vanes of AquaNautís V-Flex technology provide maximum power at almost any flow (perfect for use with variable-speed pumps) while virtually eliminating clogs. Because the variable vanes adjust automatically, they allow even large debris to pass easily through the cleaner, resulting in complete peace of mind.

Expertly navigates any surface!
Patented robust tire treads provide superior climbing power on any surface and skillfully maneuver around obstacles such as main drains.

Maintains constant suction!
AquaNautís patented adjustable roller skirt ensures it never loses suction on uneven surfaces or when encountering obstacles.

End-to-end cleaning!
Multiple preprogrammed steering sequences ensure that AquaNaut cleans every type of pool efficiently, fully covering shallow ends, deep ends and walls.

Available in 4-wheel drive!
While AquaNaut 200 is perfectly suited for average-sized pools, AquaNaut 400 cleans larger pools completely and efficiently. Its 4-wheel drive capability maintains maximum power in pools up to 20' x 40' or pools with deep ends.

Optimal suction at almost any flow!
Three easily interchangeable throats improve suction performance at lower flow and allow larger debris to pass. As such, AquaNaut is ideal for use with variablespeed pumps.
1. Small throat: For better suction with lower flow rate and smaller pump; can be used with variable- speed pump at lower speeds. 2. Medium Throat (default): For almost all average pool filtration systems and installations.
3. Large Throat: For better suction with higher flow rate and larger pump; can be used with variable speed pump at higher speeds.

Concrete, Gunite, Vinyl, Fiberglass,* Tile,* Pebble (* Optional tape tires may be required for smoother surfaces)
AquaNaut 200 is for smaller pools up to 16' x 32'
AquaNaut 400 is well suited for larger pools up to 20' x 40' or pools with deep ends.

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