Pentair Sand Dollar Sand System, 16 in Tank with 1 HP Pump

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Simple to operate and maintain, Pentair Sand Dollar™ Above Ground pool filters offer high-performance results at a terrific price point. Benefit from an efficient design that keeps your water clean and pure, and thats built to last for years to come.

pool sand filter works by routing water through a sand-filled, pressurized filter, removing debris and particles so small they are undetectable to the eye. As the sand accumulates dirt and debris over time, it can be cleaned by backwashing, where the water flow is reversed to knock out the dirt.

Above ground pool filter systems from Pentair Sand Dollar keep sand beds level for even flow, ensuring the most efficient filtration possible.

Featured benefits of Pentair Sand Dollar pool filters include:

  • Easy to operate, with simple handle rotations and a six function, multi-port value
  • Combination sand and water drain simplifies winter servicing
  • Includes Pressure gauge.
  • One-piece thermoplastic tank resists corrosion and is built to last
  • Maintains an even sand bed level for improved performance and less time between cleanings
  • Attractive almond color blends in with your surroundings
  • Must use AquaQuartz #20 silica sand #5451 or ZeoSand #4429.
Please call 1- 866-364-3697 if you have questions about ordering.

(NOTE: Sand Not Included.)

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