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Doheny Pool Pumps

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  1. Doheny's Above Ground Pool Pump, 115V, 3/4 HP
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Pumps Guides

  • Selecting The Right Pool Pump

    Pool pumps keep your water fresh and clean by allowing it to circulate through the pool filtration system, ensuring that it stays free from algae, bugs, dirt or other materials. When it comes to selecting the right pool pump, it’s a common assumption that “bigger is better”, however, that simply isn’t true when it comes to inground pool pumps. A pump that’s too large

  • How to Choose the Best Pool Pump

    For a first time pool owner, shopping for a pool pump can be a very daunting task. With a myriad of terms to memorize and items to consider, it’s no wonder that many of us end up at the mercy of the local pool maintenance guy or pool shop. In order to level the playing field as you work to find out just what you need and what you don’t, we’ve put together some helpful inf