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Things are getting heated!

Spas are intended for relaxation and enjoyment. But one thing that can cause stress is choosing from brand names, coloration, and materials for your new spa. This article can help eliminate that excessive stress and bring ease of mind to your spa day.

AquaRest Premium 600 Spa with Ozone, Greystone

The AquaRest Premium 600 Spa with Ozone is an option for spas that's durable.

What the AquaRest Premium 600 Spa with Ozone can offer:

  • - Durability! Not only does the AquaRest spa offer 29 stainless steel water jets that are ready to take action, this spa also offers a wear-resistant polyethylene as the exterior acting as a heavy-duty shell!
  • - Makes sure things are heated with its speedy heat recovery system and electronic heating system. Also heats while jets are on (240V/50A settings only) making sure there is no time for cold water!
  • - LED lit waterfall placed for decorational use and as well as entertainment. Once activated, this waterfall can be cascaded by 9 chromotherapy settings!
  • - Cup holders are included.
  • - The 29 jets can be controlled from soft and light to a more deeper massage by turning the air control knobs.
  • - This hot tub’s water capacity is up to 240 gallons of water.
  • - You can get the most out of this spa with its outdoor use and indoor use - alongside it’s all year long use.
  • - Full foam insulation.
  • - Seats 6 people.
  • - One 2” - 4” spa cover is included with insulation and locking features; we want you to know for sure you are covered!
  • - This spa is also slip resistant, stain resistant, UV resistant, mildew resistant, and freeze resistant.
  • - This spa is also an energy saver; the standard is 120v/15 AMP.
  • - Easy Kleen Filtration is included. No hassle with any excessive cleaning, simply pop the filter out of the easy-to-find compartment and replace when needed. Also comes with programmed filtration cycles.
  • - Digital controls provide easy operating and usage.
  • - Only one pump needed with its 2 HPR and 2 Speed.
  • - Minimum temperature can be as low as 70 fahrenheit while the highest can be 104 fahrenheit.

What's even better about the AquaRest spas is the additional color options we provide, here are the colors we offer (including the elite versions we offer):

One important thing to note is to not use harsh cleaners and compounds containing abrasives with this spa. Do not also use heavy-duty rubbing or buffing compounds. Clean with soft liquid cleaners only. This spa is not shipped to California, and a spa step must be purchased separately.

AquaRest Premium 500 Spa with Ozone, Greystone

The AquaRest Premium 500 Spa with Ozone is another good option.

What the AquaRest Premium 500 Spa with Ozone can offer:

  • - Just like the AquaRest 600, the AquaRest 500 offers an LED waterfall for your enjoyment, EZ Kleen Filtration system providing 100% water filtration and 75% fewer chemicals (alongside of ozonator purification system). Also, a hard and durable shell made out of polyethylene, for all weather conditions and environments.
  • - 2 HPR 2 speed pump.
  • - It has a 120-Volts that’s ready to fuel power and fun! Plus, this spa is a power saving friendly, generating less power than other spas with still out holding the performance.
  • - Full foam installation.
  • - ASTM certified safety covering.
  • - Sits 5 people at a time.
  • - Lightweight and highly mobile, this spa only weighs 295 pounds.
  • - This spa ships plug-n-play ready for 120-Volt 15 Amp with a 1kW heater.

This spa is also available in other colors (including the Elite versions, as well):

Sometimes, we just need a head start to a relaxing day. With these hot tubs and spas listed, we’re sure to do that! Have any more questions? Feel free to contact us at 800-574-7665.