Doheny's Winter Pool Cover Clips, 10 Clips

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  • Ships as (10) Standard Cover Clips.
  • Secures your winter cover.
  • Easy to install: Snaps on top rail.
  • Three per upright.
  • Approximately 5" in length.


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Tired of losing your winter pool cover clips every year? Doheny's offers big savings on large packs of cover clips, making it easy to secure your pool in the off-season.

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Dependable Protection for Winter Pool Covers

No matter where you live or what kind of weather you experience during the colder months of the year, pool cover clips make it easy to secure your cover during the off-season. If it tends to get windy or stormy where you live, a pool cover without properly installed clips might come off completely, exposing your pool to the elements and to debris that can collect in the water.

Protect Your Pool in Freezing Temps

When water in your pool freezes and causes the liner to expand, pool cover clips release the sides of the pool in order to relieve the pressure and prevent damage. If the pool liner actually breaks from freezing, the pool clips act as barrier between the pressure and the cover itself.

Standard pool clips are the easiest to install and the most affordable. Simply clip them over the pool's railing to secure the pool cover.

Standard 1-Piece Pool Cover Clips

Above ground pool cover clips snap directly to the pool's top rail. Cover clips are approximately 5" in length and are easy-to-use, keeping the cover secure to prevent snaps and rips. Three fasteners per upright. Lose your cover clips from last year? Save big with our volume discounts and you'll always have what you need to secure your pool cover!

Installation Tips:

  • Choose a winter pool cover that is measured to the exact dimensions of your pool.
  • Before installing the cover, place an air pillow in the center of the pool.
  • Roll the pool cover out and place it on top, making sure its a loose fit.
  • Next, grab the pool clips and begin to walk the perimeter of your pool.
  • As you observe the cover and how it falls over the pool, begin to snap the clips into place.
  • You can install at least two pool cover clips to each horizontal pool frame rail, or two every 16-18 inches.
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