In order to keep your pool water safe, clear, and healthy for everyone that enjoys using it, you might want to consider a pool chlorinator to clean and maintain the water. The type of pool chlorinator you select will depend on what you apply to your water directly. Basically, do you want to add salt to your water for a softer feel? Or, do you prefer the sanitizing properties of chlorine alone? It depends on what works for you. Read on to find out more about the benefits of pool chlorinators and how they keep your pool water clean, clear, and ‘swim ready’ in no time!

The most common type of pool chlorinator is one that involves chlorine. All you need to do is apply the chlorine tablets directly to the pool chlorinator and over time it will slowly dispense this sanitizer directly into your water. As mentioned above, if you prefer a ‘softer feel’ to your water supply you can also consider salt generators and/or ozonators to sanitize your water in the same way.

At Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast we offer various pool chlorinators to meet your needs. We have Automatic Chlorinators/Brominators (bromine is just as effective as chlorine, but isn’t as harsh on your eyes, skin, and swim wear), ChlorEase Saltwater Chlorinators (now you can both sanitize and keep your water soft) and last, but certainly not least feel free to check out our Hayward Salt & Swim In-Ground Unit pool chlorinator.

If you have any other questions about our pool chlorinators, please do not hesitate to either call or email a Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast specialist now. We’re here to help and answer all of your pool inquiries!