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ProVac Plus Suction Cleaner

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100% of 100
  • Installs in minutes.
  • No tools required - no electricity needed!
  • Saves you money on utility bills
  • Removes both large and small debris.
  • Includes regulator valve that automatically adjusts water flow, no guessing or adjusting.
  • 12 hoses totaling 40 feet of coverage is included.
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The ProVac Plus Suction Cleaner is designed to provide more coverage from water line to bottom of the pool than any other pool cleaner in its class. The powerful suction removes both large and small debris. The regulator valve automatically adjusts the water flow to be set at the ideal speed for maximum cleaning performance - so there is no need for guessing or making manual adjustments to diverter valves to increase or decrease water pressure. No tools are required and no electricity is needed. Just attach to your pool skimmer and the ProVac uses your existing pool pump for power, doesn't need a booster pump. The more power your pump has, the more efficient the ProVac will be! Includes 12 hoses totaling 40 feet of coverage. 1 year warranty.

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