Doheny's Sand Filter Cleaner, 1 qt

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  • Reduces maintenance time and costs.
  • Promotes better filtration.
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Reduce the amount of time and work you spend on pool maintenance!
Dohenys Sand Filter Cleaner is really effective in removing sand from the filter and its elements, keeping your filter operating efficiently. The periodic use of Dohenys Sand Filter Cleaner will also help maintain good swimming pool water quality with proper filtration and chemical treatment of the sand collected in the filter. It promotes better filtration, lengthens filter cycles and reduces maintenance costs.

Dosage: 8 oz per 100 lb sand.

  • For maximum filter performance, it is recommended that application be done at each backwashing.
  • Use: Evenly coat elements or cartridge by using a sprayer filled with full-strength product. Wait 10 minutes, then use a garden hose to thoroughly rinse for 5 minutes. Or use a large clean plastic bucket and soak for 1 hour in one part Sand Filter Cleaner to three parts water. Backwash the filter thoroughly. Turn the pump off. Turn pump on until pump primes and product moves into filter. Leave filter selector in backwash position or in closed position. Wait one hour. Turn pump on with selector in backwash position, until backwash waste water is clear. If filter has not been degreased within 12 months, use double the amount of this product, or 1 cup per 100 lb. of sand. Pour 8 ounces of Sand Filter Cleaner into skimmer while backwashing filter.
  • Note: Chlorine must be removed from the skimmer basket prior to addition of Sand Filter Cleaner.
  • Important: Automatic feeder should be turned off prior to any addition of this product. Never mix this product with any other chemical. For pools with erosion type chlorinators, always close inlet valve to chlorinator or remove chlorinator canister from unit when using filter cleaning chemicals.

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