Hayward Pool Vac XL Pool Cleaner, for Vinyl Pools

83% of 100
  • AquaPilot programmed steering offering the best in intelligent, complete pool coverage
  • Silent operation
  • Connects to skimmer or suction port
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In-ground Suction Cleaner from the #1 selling brand!
The Hayward Pool Vac XL Pool Cleaner is by far the quieter option for residential in-ground pools. It moves in a series of turns to clean your pool walls and floor thoroughly. This in-ground pool cleaner works directly with your pools filtration system - just plug it in and watch it go to work!

The Hayward Pool Vac XL is equipped with Intelligent Programmed Steering, which makes the overall cleaning process much faster and easier than with traditional pool cleaners. It also comes with Turbine Technology/Balanced Water Flow helping to keep pool water quiet as it filters and cleans.

Advanced Suction Technology keeps the pennies in your pocket because it doesn't require separate installation from your filtration system. Paired with that is Advanced POD Propulsion which allows the Hayward Pool Vac XL to perform on a consistent basis and last for an extended period of time. 2 year limited warranty.

For Technical support on this item please contact Hayward at 1-800-HAYWARD or visit www.haywardpools.com

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