No Mor Problems, 1 qt

No Mor Problems
93% of 100
  • Ships as (1) 1 qt bottle
  • No more shocking!
  • No more clarifiers!
  • Algae preventer.
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NO MORE ALGAE, NO MORE SHOCKING, NO MORE CLARIFIERS No Mor Problems is a patented non-polymer formula preventative algaecide that delivers spectacular water clarity and eliminates your need to shock. Will greatly reduce the need to clean the filter and can be used with all types of sanitizers and on all types of pools. CAN BE USED in all types of pools and with all types of sanitizers including biguinide and ionizers.


  • 2.5 oz per chlorine tablet 
  • 5 oz per gallon liquid chlorine 
  • 5 oz per lb of granular chlorine 

* Use weekly as algae preventor

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