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ZeoFiber Filter Media, 12 lb

100% of 100
  • Finer filtration than DE
  • 100% biodegradable pure white cellulose fiber produced from wood fiber
  • ZeoFiber removes oils not filtered out by other filter media
  • For use in all pool and spa DE filters
  • Improves water clarity
  • Easy to use and economical!
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Finer filtration than D.E.
Extend time between filter cycles
Economical D.E. Filter Media Alternative

A natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, perfect replacement for D.E. Adding ZeoFiber(R) to sand and cartridge filters will give pool water a more polished look and removes oils not always filtered out by other filter media. Traps smaller particles, resulting in cleaner, clearer water. With the extended time between cycles you will have fewer backwashes, using less water chemicals, filter media and spend less time with maintenance. NSF/ANSI-50 approved for use in all D.E. filters.

Sand Filter
Filters finer particles for improved water clarity.
Step 1. Backwash until the water is clear and return filter to filter mode.
Step 2. Slowly add ZeoFiber to the skimmer or the pump return while the pump is running until the filter pressure increases one pound. Use your filter diameter and the table below to calculate the maximum amount of ZeoFiber needed for your filter.

Sand Filter Diameter
Cups of ZeoFiber
(Included 8 fluid ounce measuring cup)
12 1
18 2
24 4
30 6
36 9
42 13
48 16

Step 3. Backwash after 24 hours or sooner if the pressure increases about 10 pounds.
Step 4. Repeat Steps 1 through 3, until the water is completely clear water.

Cartridge Filter
For longer cartridge life and finer filtration, add ZeoFiber as a filter aid to your cartridge filter. Dirty
cartridges are easier to clean when ZeoFiber is used.
Step 1. Clean your cartridge filter.
Step 2. Use Chart below for application rates.

Cartridge Size Area
(Square feet)
Cups of ZeoFiber
(Included 8 fluid ounce measuring cup)
25 2
50 4
100 8
250 20

Step 3. With pump running slowly add ZeoFiber to skimmer. Filter pressure should show a 1 pound increase.
Step 4. When filter pressure increases 10 pounds, clean filter per manufacturer’s instructions .

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