Doheny's Pool Stabilizer/Conditioner, 4 lb

93% of 100
  • Ships as (1) 4 lb bucket
  • Active Ingredient 99% Cyanuric Acid
  • Fast Dissolving!
  • 1 lb treats 5,000 gallons


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Doheny's Pool Stabilizer & Conditioner dissolves quickly to protect pool water by preventing the loss of chlorine from the sun. Fast dissolving stabilizer protects your pool's chlorine from dissipation by the sun.

Follow the instructions printed on the package carefully for the best results.

  • For pools using unstabilized chlorine sanitizers: For new or recently refilled pools, add 2 lbs. Pool Stabilizer per 5,000 gallons of water. If a pool stabilizer & conditioner has been used in the past, use a cyanuric acid test kit to determine how much is present in the water, and then add enough stabilizer to reach 50 ppm of stabilizer.
  • For pools using stabilized chlorine sanitizer: For new or recently refilled chlorine pools, add 1 lb. per 5,000 gallons. Regular use of Pool Stabilizer will gradually increase the stabilizer level during the season.
  • Periodically test your pool water using a cyanuric acid test. A 40-60 ppm pool stabilizer level will help increase chlorine efficiency and reduce chlorine usage.
  • Never mix pool stabilizer and conditioner with anything but water.
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