Safedip Digital Tester

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  • User-friendly digital tester that measures pH, free-chlorine, salt, TDS, ORP and water temperature
  • Results in seconds
  • Extremely accurate
  • Works with pools, spas and ponds
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Measures pH, free-chlorine, salt, TDS, ORP and water temperature quickly and easily.
The Safedip Digital Tester is a digital chemistry reader designed to make measuring pool parameters easy. It doesnt require any test strips to work. Simply collect a water sample from the pool, spa or pond water using the on board cup and press the start button to take your measurement quickly and easily. Its smart, simple and gives you results in seconds! Works with pools, spas and ponds. Similar products dont give you the ability to measure so many parameters with the accuracy of Safedip!

  • Large digital LCD display 
  • Easy push- buttons 
  • No color matching 
  • Measures pH, FC (free chlorine), Salt, TDS, ORP, Temp 
  • Commercial grade sensor technology 
  • AAA battery makes for easy replacement compared to other digital readers 
  • LED indicator light illuminates if pool is safe to swim 
  • pH probe-replaceable in seconds 
  • Extremely user friendly 
  • Built-in sample cup allows user to retrieve water sample and take readings away from the pool 
  • One point calibration is quick and easy to do 
  • Water- resistant housing 
  • Probe protector keeps electrodes safe and even has a storage area while taking readings 
  • Memory function automatically stores the previous measurement for easy comparison
  • Can be used on many types of water including pools, spas and ponds
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