Pool Blaster Aqua Broom Pool Cleaner

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Pool Blaster
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  • Use in Any Water Application
  • Snaps into Standard Poles for Extended Reach
  • Up to 3 Hours Clean Time
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The Aqua Broom is by far one of the most easy-to-use pool cleaners on the market. If you are a novice pool owner and feel stressed about choosing the right cleaner for your pool, give this guy a try! It is completely automatic, it takes care of in-ground and above ground pools, including Intex Pools, there are no pumps, connection filters, or hoses that you'd have to attach to your pool skimmer. You can even opt for the telescopic pole for those hard to reach areas of your pool, or just simply use the Aqua Broom pool cleaner by hand instead. If you have darker areas in your pool you need to concentrate on, then the On/Off Swivel will be your 'light' in the darkness! It works with you and shines the light on the dirtiest areas of your pool. Now that you have a better idea as to where they are located you can clean it that much faster. The Aqua Broom comes with built in wheels for all pool types and sizes. It makes it easier to maneuver around those tight corners. Equipped with re-usable filter bags now you can save money on replacing them once full. It can spot clean specific areas of your pool steps and stairs; and run for 3 hrs. to cover approximately 671 square feet. You just get can't a better clean with such an easy to use and energy efficient hand held vacuum cleaner.

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