Doheny's Natural Clarifier, 1 qt

  • Ships as (1) 1 qt bottle
  • Clarifies cloudy water.
  • Removes excess metals.
  • Eliminates oil and scum.
  • Improves filter efficiency.
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A superior clarifier for swimming pools, spas, fountains, water parks, ponds and aquariums.
Dohenys Natural Clarifier was developed to clear hazy water for underwater photography, so imagine what it will do for your pool! Unlike single-purposed clarifiers, Dohenys Natural Clarifier does more than make your water look clean.

It is safe for your family and the environment. Dohenys Natural Clarifier will not harm plants, animals or fish. The active ingredient in Dohenys Natural Clarifier is a natural polymer from crustacean shells, a renewable resource. It contains no polyacrylamide or thickeners. It is safe to use in all sanitizing systems.
It clarifies cloudy water. Dohenys Natural Clarifier coagulates the tiny particles and oily liquids that build up in your water so your filter can remove them.
It removes excess metals. Like millions of microscopic magnets, Dohenys Natural Clarifier gathers stain-causing metal residues and deposits them in your filter where they stay until you flush them out.
It eliminates oil and scum. Dohenys Natural Clarifier takes the dulling soaps and oils out of your water but does not deposit them on the surface like ordinary clarifiers do. Your filter is also protected against clogging and short cycling.
It improves filter efficiency. Any filter will leave a certain amount of material in your water. Dohenys Natural Clarifier allows your filter to trap these impurities and hold them without clogging. The molecular structure of our biopolymer keeps it and the impurities it holds in the filter media, and not in the spaces that your water passes through, so your filter can actually run longer between cleanings.

  • To Use: 2 oz. per 10,000 gallons.
  • 1. Clean or backwash your filter if applying initial dose. 2. Squirt desired dose across the waters surface, no premixing required. 1 ounce treats 5,000 gallons. If your water is especially dirty you can double or triple the dose. 3. Allow at least 1 hour of continuous filtration. 4. Maintain your waters sparkling clarity by using Natural Clarifier every week. Use as Directed. Extremely slippery if spilled.
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